Be Giving


“Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving the mind of a giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.” – Buddha

Day 4 of the Mindful 21 challenge and today’s theme invites you to give. Give yourself 5 minutes of peace, serenity, calm and to sit in meditation before your day. Give yourself the gift of reflection at the end of your day, allow your body, mind and spirit this time to renew itself.

While you have given yourself this time, think how you can give onto others. Often we think of giving as a monetary exchange. I’ll grab my checkbook, credit card or ATM card and give to your cause. This of course is a necessary and generous gift! To be able to donate to a worthy cause we believe in, to support a local charity or fundraiser, to fund a loved ones goals, well it truly is a beautiful thing.

What I’d like to get better about, to be more mindful of, is giving my time, my skills, my passion to a greater good. Time is one gift we can not put a price tag on and being able to give it to someone else may just mean the world to them.

Give the gift of time to someone you love, going for a walk with them or having a cup of tea. Give the gift of presence to your family and friends, put down your phone and play a game or read a story. Give the gift of humanity to strangers, open the door for someone or perhaps return a grocery cart for an elderly person in the parking lot (I recently did this and the thanks they showed blew me away).

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, often not being a tangible thing at all. When we give to others, we are filling up our selves.

What will you give today?

Happy Giving!


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It all began 20+ years ago, in high school, when a boy met a girl and fell in love. Big parties, summer vacations, a big red jeep. Happiness came easy and was plentiful. Ah, but youth is wasted on the young and so the boy and girl went their separate ways.... Fast forward through college, first & second apartments, trips around the world, motorcycle accidents, moves to different cities, jobs and more jobs, starting a company, falling for two horribly wrong people which led to two broken engagements, then reuniting with each other, moving to Colorado, starting another business together. Yup, that about sums it up. That leaves us, Catie & Mike, 20+ years later. We saw the world apart & now are venturing through, exploring happiness together. From creating new tastes in the kitchen, to venturing to new countries, hiking, biking or skiing, touring craft brews, entertaining friends and family, to upgrading the house, or flipping and gutting an investment property, it's us, enjoying the ride. We're not making up for lost time, we're just not losing any more of it. And so our happy adventures begin...Follow us at

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