Be Mindful

Be MindfulIt’s been a week since I kicked off the Mindful 21 challenge and I’m honored by the response. Today’s theme is Be Mindful. Today I am reflecting on how each day has made me look at situations differently, more consciously, and I’ve often shifted my mindset.

7 days of being more aware of how my actions, thoughts, feelings not only affect me, but affect the people around me was huge for me. Starting my day early with 5 minutes of meditation to let that days’ intention set in really set the tone for what came next. I found myself feeling calmer, more grounded, at peace with myself and able to reflect on the intention when something troubling came up. It’s a wonderful habit to get into and this challenge has set the path.

Conscious living doesn’t mean we need to meditate for hoursĀ  or escape to Costa Rica to live on a commune, it just means actively engaging in our actions.

The next 7 days of the Mindful 21 challenge will ask you to continue with your 5 minutes of meditation and incorporate 1 meatless meal into your day. Why you ask? Adding more fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, plants not only has an almost immediate affect on your energy levels and health, but you’re actively helping the environment. By incorporating more whole foods, and cutting out the processed food-like substance, you’re feeding your body fuel to allow it to flourish!

What the heck do I eat then!?!?

Don’t worry, this is not as challenging as you may think! For the next 7 days, I’ll provide recipes, tips to make sure you’re getting enough fiber, fat soluble vitamins, live enzymes and of course protein. My girlfriend Sarah (who’s been a Vegan for 3+ years!) will provide a ton of guidance as well. Follow her and I on Instagram for daily tips, recipes and facts.

Here are a few recipes & tips to get you thinking plants!

5 lunch ideas
Meatless Meal Prep
Hippie Bowls
Chick Pea Curry
Wheat Soba Stirfry

Stir-Fry Sauces

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Sit for 5 minutes today and contemplate where you could make some changes in your diet to live more consciously. The food we eat is either contributing to our health or taking away from it.


Happy Mindful Living!


Be Giving


“Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving the mind of a giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.” – Buddha

Day 4 of the Mindful 21 challenge and today’s theme invites you to give. Give yourself 5 minutes of peace, serenity, calm and to sit in meditation before your day. Give yourself the gift of reflection at the end of your day, allow your body, mind and spirit this time to renew itself.

While you have given yourself this time, think how you can give onto others. Often we think of giving as a monetary exchange. I’ll grab my checkbook, credit card or ATM card and give to your cause. This of course is a necessary and generous gift! To be able to donate to a worthy cause we believe in, to support a local charity or fundraiser, to fund a loved ones goals, well it truly is a beautiful thing.

What I’d like to get better about, to be more mindful of, is giving my time, my skills, my passion to a greater good. Time is one gift we can not put a price tag on and being able to give it to someone else may just mean the world to them.

Give the gift of time to someone you love, going for a walk with them or having a cup of tea. Give the gift of presence to your family and friends, put down your phone and play a game or read a story. Give the gift of humanity to strangers, open the door for someone or perhaps return a grocery cart for an elderly person in the parking lot (I recently did this and the thanks they showed blew me away).

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes, often not being a tangible thing at all. When we give to others, we are filling up our selves.

What will you give today?

Happy Giving!