Happy Re-Thinking

Iโ€™ve been listening to a number of podcasts lately that have inspired me beyond the normal amount a podcast usually affects me and radically changed the way Iโ€™ve looked at a few things in my life. So much so, I was inspired to write about them, because I truly feel like they could be of […]

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Happy Homes: Dudley Court Week 3

On June 6th, we purchased our 6th investment in Colorado and itโ€™s been smooth sailing, for the most part, since. Iโ€™m going to try and document the steps, journey, pitfalls and forward motion of our investment. The last two weeks have been full of windows, dumpsters, sub-contractors coming and assessing HVAC, electric, structural engineering (for […]

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Eat more Plants: A Beginners Guide

East Plants

I love when people reach out and let me know that what I’m cooking and posting to instagram has inspired them to want to eat more plants (and in turn, less meat!). This is literally the best, most flattering compliment I can hear! So keep it coming. I thought I would put together a beginners […]

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