Be Light



It’s Day 5 of the Mindful 21 challenge and I’ve been so happy with the amazing people who have joined. Today’s theme: Be Light. This really resonates with me during this time, as I feel I’ve never been surrounded by so many people who lift me up, allow my light to shine. And it’s taken time and practice to know when I need to let go of that which weighs me down.

Today, think about that which lifts you, lightens your load and allows you to shine brightly. Could you shed some unwanted, unproductive baggage? Do you have things in your life that are cluttering your path to new?

This can be metaphoric clutter or actual clutter. Look around your home or office. Do you have space that is clear, clean, inviting? Do you have a place in your home you feel creative, energetic, alive? Could you lighten these spaces, removing unnecessary distractions or paper to make room for creation. I try to clean my desk, lighten it so to speak, once a week at least. If the space is cluttered, how can my mind focus on a single task!? I notice that when there are things scattered about, I feel scattered.

Go through your closets, cupboards, files and clean out what you do not need, have not worn or used in the past year. Donate it to Goodwill and allow light to enter your space.

Sit in a quiet space, that is clean and inviting, and think about how you can lighten your mental load. What are you holding onto that doesn’t serve you anymore? Negative thoughts, unnecessary anxiety, people who leave you feeling drained – these are things you can do without, so lighten your load.

Happy Light!



One thought on “Be Light

  1. Wow – I just read this post & I have spent all day clearing out knick knacks & thinking about what else I can get rid of. I have always loved my antiques & collections. But now, I feel a strong urge to simplify my surrounding. It’s hard to throw off the excess baggage, physical & psychological.

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