Plants & Yoga: A 21 Day Challenge



Plants and yoga are quite similar if you think about it. They both help with breathe, have calming effects, and are used for spirituality and medicinal purposes. When you nurture either, you get growth and blossoming. Incorporating either into your life, you feel life around you.

Am I stretching the comparison a bit? Maybe, but I ask that you see the amazing benefits of both over the next 21 days. Starting April 1st, my soul sister Sarah and I will kick off a #plantfueledyoga challenge that introduces plant based nutritional facts, myths and recipes, pairing each with a complementing Yoga pose.

The Who’s Who of The #plantfueledyoga Challenge
Sarah and I came up with the idea during one of our soul connecting get-togethers. We both have much love for plants, yoga, and all things that awaken and ignite our passions. Our three-pronged approach to eating the way we do touches on the environmental impact, health impact as well as the compassion element. Eating plants = better environment, better health, & no one gets hurt. It’s all very hippy and wonderful.
For the past few weeks, we’ve been getting together on Wednesdays for an in-home Yoga session. An hour of pure bliss, spent together, on our mats. The only thing that beats that pure heavenly hour is the bi-weekly cooking session that follows. Every other week, we’ll alternate who cooks a delicious plant-based meal for our Yogi hunger (our boys join us for the meal as well!). So, after one of our sessions, we hatched up the idea for the #plantfueledyoga Challenge. And here we are! Won’t you join us!?

Details, details, details!
Our 21 day challenge will be broken into seven targeted areas, with three days dedicated to each area. One day, we’ll delve into the top 5 plant-based foods that aide your body in this area, we’ll then explain a myth around plant-based living and lastly, give you a recipe to put your plants where your mouth is! Each day will have a yoga pose or series to coincide with the nutritional piece of the day.

Don’t be confused, it’s simple! Here’s the breakdown of the first 3 days:

Protein & Strength
For the first three days of our challenge, we’ll focus on plant-based protein and yoga poses that make ya feel strong! Fueling your body with the right nutrients will help you thrive, give you the energy you need to concur anything, and of course pack you with the Yogi strength. Here’s a sneak peak of the first 3 days of our challenge….

Day 1:
Top 5 Plant Based sources for Protein
Daily Yoga Challenge: Warrior Series

Day 2:
Biggest Myth around Plant-Based sources of Protein
Daily Yoga Challenge: Boat Pose Sequence

Day 3:
Plant-Based Recipe packed with Protein
Daily Yoga Challenge: Plank Series

Sarah and I couldn’t be more excited to kick off this fun, challenging, educational, compassion-filled plant-loving, Yoga doing challenge! If you’re looking to incorporate more meatless, veggie-filled meals into your routine, join in! If you’re looking for motivation to make a change, create a good habit, fold-in a healthy lifestyle, come on!

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The challenge kicks off April 1st – turn over a green leaf with us and join the #plantfueledyoga Challenge.

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