The Start of the #plantfueledyoga Challenge

Plant Protein
Plant Protein

Tomorrow kicks off Day 1 of the 21 day #plantfueledyoga Challenge and it’s all about Protein and Strength!

A question Sarah and I get asked a lot from our carnivorous friends: “Where do you get your protein!?!?” It’s a question I’ve heard a lot since I’ve decided to go land-animal free (and for the next 21 days, animal free!) Well, if you look at the FDA’s food pyramid, you may understand the misconception around where humans need to get their protein.

Tune in tomorrow to get the low down on the top plant-based sources of protein and a strong Yoga series that will put that plant-based protein to work! I promise I won’t be promoting tree bark.

Check us out on Instagram to see us in action! Not on Instagram? I can send you a link to out our Facebook event.


Happy Challenge!

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