Be the Change

Tree Pose
Tree Pose

Day 17 of the #plantfueledyoga challenge breaks down the myth that one person can’t make a difference. 

The greatest innovation starts with a single idea. The best made product begins with a prototype. The biggest mansion gets built nail by nail. Everything you do starts with a single step, made by  You. You do not know the power you have until you yourself believe in it.

In Sarah and my quest to spread the plant-based diet gospel, we truly believe one person can make a colossal difference in the greater state of the world.  A ripple effect that starts small and gets larger and larger and before you know it you can see the effect miles away.

Today, we break down the walls of ‘It doesn’t really matter in the long run…’

The Myth: I’m only one person. I can’t make a difference.

The Reality:
A person who follows a plant-based vegan diet produces 50% less CO2, and uses 1/11th the oil, 1/13th the water, and 1/18th the land compared to a meat eater. We CAN make a difference, simply by eating less animal products and replacing them with plants.

Why not give a plant-based diet a try? Hell, even making one day meatless can make a huge impact. Not only are plants amazingly healthy and cruelty free, but the carbon foot print left or lack there of is astronomical.

Here’s a great article delving a bit deeper into the subject.

Today’s Connection Yoga Pose: Tree Pose 

This pose not only makes you feel strong, balanced, but grounded. Rooted to the earth. Connected to your surrounding.

Stand strong and bring your hands to your heart center. Lift your right heel to your calf. Breathe here and root down. Slowly raise your foot to your inner thigh. Raise your arms above your head and stretch. Breathe here and know you have the ability to make an impact in this world.



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