2016: Reflection, Goals & Intentions

Happy New Year

To know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been. As I type this, hours away from a new year, I’m thinking of the places I’ve been and things I’ve done over the past year. It’s been a good one for sure and before jumping into the clean slate of 2016 I want to take the time to reflect on my travels, accomplishments and creations of 2015 (I pretty close to hitting the Intentions & Bucket List!).

  • I co-hosted  3 yoga challenges that fed my love for yoga and what it has taught me, inviting a daily practice into my repertoire. Mind Body Yoga Challenge, Plant Fueled Yoga and The Mindful21
  • I completed 3 courses toward a Nutritional Therapy Certificate at The Nutritional Therapy Institute in Denver, where I’ve learned so much about nutrition and the body’s amazing abilities.
  • We traveled near & far (Ireland, Oregon Portland Maine & Moab for fun, Chicago, San Antonio, Philly & Vegas for work) and skied our hearts out (Winter Park, Copper, Loveland, Eldora, Crested Butte & Steamboat)
  • I tackled 4 fourtneen-ers, some of the hardest, most beautiful terrain I’ve ever encountered (Grays & Torrys, Snowmass and Quandry)
  • I trained for & ran my first 1/2 marathon – it was hard!!!
  • I got a new role at work in which I played a major part in launching a new website, hosting the inaugural webinar and taking on marketing efforts for a product line
  • I hosted my first annual plant-based soup swap which I hope to continue (perhaps seasonally)
  • Mike and I started our own company, Happy Homes LLC., and purchased our first investment property (which we are close to selling)
  • I met an amazing friend, Sarah, and started a Vegan/Yoga supper club
  • I was happy, mindful of my actions, and spent energy on good

Looking back at the year, I accomplished a lot, both personally, professionally, and as part of a team. It was a good year and I believe it’s important to reflect, acknowledge and applaud my efforts (as you should applaud yours!)

As someone who’s always seeking, the next steps involve looking to the new year with vigor and setting my sights on goals that will propel me forward, keep me healthy and expand my mind, body and soul. Here are a few of my 2016 goals & intentions.

  • To Give more. I am so fortunate, truly live with a wealth of abundance of happiness, good fortune, good family, a good job. One thing I feel missing is my ability to give my time, energy to a cause that is in need. I’ve recently contacted a non-profit animal shelter and want to peruse volunteering.
  • Walk my dogs daily. May seem easy, but consistency here is so important for their health and well being, and mine!
  • Be more consistent with my exercise. I’m not going to set forth lofty weight loss goals, impossible metrics to reach, or unattainable goals that set myself up for failure. I need to be consistent, it’s that easy.
  • Write daily To Do lists. I’ve been doing this for the past few months and it works really well. To see what I need to & want to accomplish in black and white helps me keep in check.
  • Climb 3 new 14’ers. I’ve definitely got my heart set on a Chicago Basin Treck and maybe Pike’s Peak. So many mountains, so little time!
  • Finish 2 house projects including the mud room/laundry room area complete with hooks and shelving for gear, and installing a flagstone patio in our backyard.
  • Buy two investment properties. Our first is days away from an open house!
  • Launch my Happy Kitchen Life brand via social media, YouTube, and nutritional ebooks, possibly researching a meal-prep angle that provides healthy freezer friendly meals at a reasonable price. I want to use my love of nutrition and cooking to educate others!
  • Host two nutritional, healthy, plant-based challenges, complete with meal prep tips and videos, and nutritional check lists.
  • Visit 5 state parks. Mike and I just bought an annual pass to all of Colorado’s state parks and can’t wait to visit more of them. Hiked in Golden Gate Canyon state park last weekend and we are hooked!

Those are the big things I’m going to try to accomplish and stick to this year. When I have goals to move towards, I feel focused, dedicated and capable of anything. Setting your mind on positive intentions sets you up for good things. I’m going into 2016 with an open-mind, heart and a vigorous spirit.

What does 2016 have in store for you? Share your goals!!

Happy New Year!!!


4 thoughts on “2016: Reflection, Goals & Intentions

  1. Wow!! Great year for you. You should be proud of yourself. You taught me about “mindfulness”. I like the concept so much more than setting resolutions which are doomed to fail. Being mindful of what you eat seems like a much better goal. It’s my new mantra.

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