Simplicity is Underrated

How often do we feel we’re not accomplishing enough?

Not doing anything glamorous?

Living in the ordinary, instead of the extraordinary?

Simplicity of the sunset
Simplicity of the sunset

My question to you, to myself, is why do we not relish in the simplicity? The beauty found in each and every breathe we take. Each choice to spend time with our loved ones, play with our dogs, walk amongst our gardens, feel the grass beneath our feet, is one we consciously make to appreciate the little things.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Rich Roll lately (if you’ve not checked out his podcast, it is a must!). The topics discussed center around being the best version of yourself and he often stresses the need for simple. The small lessons we’ve learned since kindergarten: Work hard, be kind, live simply, be healthy, be kind, breathe.

There is such wisdom in those lessons, such obvious messages, we often forget about them. My intention lately has been to live more simply, let go of that which does not serve me, and find happiness in simplicity. And try to do it daily.

Take time to appreciate the calm of simple.

Happy Friday!

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