Our 2015 Intentions, Goals & Bucket List Items

2015's Gonna be a Good Year! As we lie in bed this evening, Mike and I are discussing our goals for the coming year. I like to call them goals as opposed to resolutions, as I’m more goal oriented, so trying to have that mindset when thinking of what we’d like to accomplish this year. So, here it goes…

1. Mike will get his Denver contracting license. He’ll need to get some paperwork together and file it with the Denver building department and he’ll be all set!

2. I will learn as much as I can at the Nutrition Therapy Institute (where I have recently enrolled in a certified nutritional therapist program). Beyond learning in the classroom, I’d like to expand my knowledge of nutrition and apply it to my everyday life.

3. Mike will find a skilled carpenter’s apprentice. He’s found a great crew in the surrounding Denver area, but hasn’t found any luck with skilled woodworkers.

4. I will continue my yoga practice and make time for it each day, even if it’s just 5 minutes. It calms my mind, refreshes my body, and awakens me.

5. Mike will outfit his trailer so it is a functional, organized work vessel. Most of his tools are huge, so being able to house & transport them in an all inclusive space will be huge!

6. Starting January 1, I will put a few hundred dollars a week away for the next 3 months in preparation for our next investment property. This means an extremely tight budget, which will actually be quite a fun challenge for me. I’m a freak for saving money! Homemade meals instead of restaurants, packed lunches for ski days instead of high priced lodge food. Let the savings begin!!

7. I will climb 3 14’ers this year. In 2014, Mike and I climbed Mt. Sherman, our first 14,0000 foot hike. It was amazing! Colorado has 53 mountains with elevations 14,0000 feet. I think 3 is a pretty obtainable goal!

8. I would like to venture to 3 new mountains to ski this year. Colorado has 23 ski resorts and I’ve only been to a handful of them! Now that I’m a Coloradan, I need to add some notches to my ski poles.

9. Mike will ski 50 times. Last year, he skied 29 days and we only got here in January, plus we gutted a house! This year he’s been 5 times already (4 for me) and our house is complete. Think he can do it!

10. I will be more social with my family and Colorado friends. Being that i work from home, can be a bit of a homebody and am trying to save money, going out often gets put on the back burner. I love entertaining though and there are plenty of inexpensive things to do in Denver, so will plan to do more of all of the above this year!

11. I will run my first 1/2 marathon. Just signed up today for the Colfax marathon…yikes! I can’t wait to start training!

I intend to be be patient this year, kind to all (especially those who seem to be miserable, for they need kindness the most), diligent about my goals and aspirations, supportive to Mike and all he works for, focused on positivity, gratitude and love.

Looking froward to an amazing year!!!!!

Happy 2015

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