Balance: Day 1 of the #ckyogachallenge

Balance is a hot topic. Finding balance with work/life, working out/chilling on the couch, splitting your time between family/friends, eating well/grabbing what’s available. Forever tipping the scale one way or the other can be exhausting!

Today is Day 1 of the #ckyogachallenge and it’s all about balance. In fact, the next 3 days will be all about balance – diving into Yoga poses that help our physical balance paired with nutritional tips that will help balance our insides. Finding balance inside and out is so essential to your physical and mental well-being.

Balance Day 1:  Tree Pose
Balance Day 1: Tree Pose

Today’s pose is Tree Pose.

Finding balance within this pose can be challenging, but calming once found. Plant your feet firmly hip width apart, rooting down. Raise your right foot and place on your calf (with your toes still on the cround, heel resting on your calf) or you can pick up your whole food and place firmly on your walk, knee pointing to the right, or you can grab your foot and place it on your inner thigh. Just avoid your knee joint. Raise your hands, breathe, focus. Pick a spot in front of you to focus on – you can even repeat an affirmation to help you hone in: I am balanced, I am calm, I am strong. Make sure you hold for a few breathes or minutes if you can. Switch sides and repeat.

Balance isn’t just about how long you can stand on one foot, although it’s a good start! Finding balance nutritionally can be challenging and overwhelming as well! Your body needs a ton of good nutrients to be in balance and function properly. Hormonal Balance is also essential and can be achieved by eating macro nutrients: carbs, protein, and good fat.

What the heck is hormonal balance!? The Endocrine System controls your bodys’ functions by producing and storing hormones  (think metabolism, mood, digestive function, bone growth, reproduction). Having well-balanced hormones is kind of a big deal.

How in the heck do you get well-balanced hormones!? By eating a well-balanced diet of course! By consuming a variety of macro-nutrients (carbs, protein, and good fats) your hormones will be kept in check and your body will function like a rock star, you’ll have increased energy, better skin, good digestion and a strong immune system.

OMG, you NEED fat!? Ummm, yes! Get off the low-fat, low-calorie kick (especially with artificial sweeteners!) Eating the RIGHT kind of natural fat is essential for your body’s growth, function, development. Seriously, eat your good fat.

What do I eat!? Well, here’s a few ideas…

Good Fats = Hormonal Balance
Good Fats = Hormonal Balance


High in potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin E these green beauties are not only delicious, but super good for you! Put them on sandwiches, rice cakes, top them on asian dishes, make spring rolls, add them to smoothies, make guacamole….the list goes on and on for the things you can do with this super food. Mike and I ALWAYS have avocados in the house – they are a staple!

Coconut Oil

If you’re cooking on a regular basis, it is time to try Coconut oil! It contains lauric acid which helps repair the skin and boosts hormone production.  And it helps kill bad bacteria in the body (take that flu season!) it’s easy to digest and gives a quick energy boost. Try adding it to a pre-workout smoothie, cook your veggies with it, and substitute your butter for this healthy bacteria fighting goodness.

There’s a million other nutrient-dense foods, spices and herbs that will get your body balanced in a bad a#$ kinda way. Remember, balancing your insides are as important, if not more so as your outside. If you are noshing on the right stuff, your guts will be balanced & your tree pose will be balanced from the inside out.

Happy Balancing!

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