Who’s got Beef with Beef!?

Welcome with love and compassion to Day 8 of the #plantfueledyoga.

My girl Sarah and I are giving love to a big Myth  surrounding the marketing and mass production of farm raised animals. She wrote the below myth and reality of what the consumer is faced with.

The Myth: As long as we eat grass-fed/organic/free-range animals and their eggs/milk, and the animals are killed humanely, there is no problem.

The Reality: These terms are euphemistic. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of animal product food labels containing these terms have little relevance to animal welfare, or, if they do, have no official standards or any mechanism to enforce them.

Most are voluntary (allowing producers to use such claims without following USDA standards) and ignore the issues that are most important to many consumers: the use of hormones and antibiotics, humane animal care, labor conditions, and environmental concerns. Whether free range, organic or grass-fed, these animal face the same, untimely death as factory-farmed animals, in the same slaughter houses as their factory-farmed companions.

Unfortunately, the movement toward humanely raised animals placates our guilt more than it actually reduces violence against animals.


Bottom line, if everyone was a bit more conscious, possibly giving up one day of meat, we could not only be healthier, but a more compassion filled society.

Give peas a chance!


Your heart opener Yoga pose: Updog

This pose is so delicious for your back, arms, chest!

Come into standing, with your hands at your heart. Forward fold over your legs, then half lift with a straight back. Fold again and place your hands onto the ground. Step back into downward dog.

From here lower down into plank, then lower your arms to chaturanga. Drop the tops of your feet to the mat and scoop your chest through your hands and straighten your arms. Readjust your feet on the mat. Push back into downward dog.

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