30 Days to Start Now Challenge in Review

Every day you get a fresh start, a clean slate, an opportunity to begin.  Everyday you have an option to start. Take it!

30 Days to Start Now

I just finished a 30 day challenge on Instagram. I thought up the #30daystostartnow as I have been inspired by online challenges and found motivation in like-minded people, even if I didn’t actually know them. I invited my girlfriend, Katie to participate with me, as she has found the world of Yoga and it’s changed her life.  I created the #30daystostartnow Yoga challenge to push myself, to commit to something that promotes happiness within.

30 days, goals, promises to yourself. 30 Yoga poses to try. 30 chances to make small steps towards a healthier you. 30 days to set aside excuses & see that you can. 30 days to start now.

Downward Dog

We started October 8th and finished today, November 7th  Through Instagram, I  posted a new theme for the day meant to motivate & challenge you. A new Yoga pose was posted in conjunction with the daily theme to help you dedicate yourself to yourself. To commit to your practice, your time.

wild thing

My hope was that people would  find motivation within, time for themselves on their mat, and some positive habits to hold onto.

I’m not a certified Yoga instructor, life coach or therapist. I’m not selling anything. People get what they put in. I did this challenge for me, for my love of Yoga, my want to motivate and inspire as I have been motivated and inspire.

Godess Pose

This challenge has awoken something in me – made me want to open up myself more, to continue the journey down motivation lane. Feel free to join me – the more the merrier!!

2 thoughts on “30 Days to Start Now Challenge in Review

  1. It was such an amazing and inspiring 30 days!! Thank you for including me, and I can’t wait until we can team up again!!! Good luck in the next 14 days, I know you’ll kill it!!! Xo

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