Forward21 – 21 Days of Health, Happiness & Commitment

Keep Moving Forward

It’s only days into the New Year and I’ve been balancing between over-indulgence and wellness. There’s been quite a few brewery visits, rich meals eaten out, and more beers. On the other hand, I’ve spent time out in nature, hiking, and have been to a wellness retreat at my local Yoga Studio which has revived my wellness spirit and helped to inspire my new 21 day challenge.


I’m not much of a new year’s resolution person, although I do like to set goals for myself. Having small, attainable goals on a daily basis has really worked well for me and has helped me feel and be, productive.  Setting my mind on positive intentions on a daily basis goes hand in hand with this productivity and goes straight to the core of my well-being. If I’m focused on a few things I know will propel me forward (no matter how big or small) I’m already having a good day. That’s why I wanted to construct a 21 day challenge that invites others to join me!

Starting January 11th, I’m kicking off #Forward21, a 21 day challenge to keep my goals in check, keep me moving forward, and keep my mind and body healthy and happy.

Each day will have a theme – something specific, yet attainable to focus on – that incorporates a positive, healthy goal. To be the best version of yourself (shout out to Rick Roll for giving me that message) don’t discount the work you need to put into getting where you want to be. It starts with a small step forward, so join me to become healthier, more focused and more dedicated to Your Happy! By inviting a community, there’s support, accountability, a network of like-minded individuals all moving towards a healthier, more fulfilling way of life.

Here’s how the first week of #Forward21 breaks down:

Monday, January 11th – Meatless Monday. Try a new meatless dish packed with veggies. Incorporating more whole, fresh, meatless foods has incredible health and environmental benefits. Your body will thrive with less processed food.

Tuesday, January 12th – Treat Yourself Tuesday. Today is about pursuing something that you may feel you don’t have time for, for putting yourself first, for investing in yourself. Go get a pedicure, so you can stand strong for yourself and your family. Head to the lake for a leisurely walk by yourself and spend time with an amazing person. Grab a good book you’ve been meaning to make time for.

Wednesday, January 13th – Workout Wednesday. Today, get your endorphins raging! Head to the gym, get on your Yoga mat, grab your sneakers and hit the pavement. Appreciate your body in motion!

Thursday, January 14th – Thoughtful Thursday. Living by forward motion for me means thinking beyond myself. Reach out to someone in need, open a door for someone who’s struggling, write your grandma a letter. By thinking of others, your world opens up and you invite grateful.

Friday, January 15th – Fit Friday. Whip yourself into shape today! That could mean upping your miles on the treadmill, trying that boot camp, or eating really clean all day. Be fit, mindful of your body and push yourself!

Saturday, January 16th – Soak up the Sun Saturday. Get outside today! Yes, it’s winter, yes it’s cold (or maybe it’s warm where you live!) but making time for nature, for fresh air, unplugging from technology has true benefit. Make sure you make time for it.

Sunday, January 17th – Sunday Funday. I usually have my meal-prep planned for Sunday’s so I crank up the tunes or put on a movie and spend my day in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals to set me up for the week. Make time for your health and healthy eating!

Whether it’s a Meatless Monday, a Workout Wednesday, or a Fit Friday….join me on this 21 day journey! I’ll post the breakdown for the week of January 18th in the next few days.

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Will you join me!?

Happy Forward21!

30 Days to Start Now Challenge in Review

Every day you get a fresh start, a clean slate, an opportunity to begin.  Everyday you have an option to start. Take it!

30 Days to Start Now

I just finished a 30 day challenge on Instagram. I thought up the #30daystostartnow as I have been inspired by online challenges and found motivation in like-minded people, even if I didn’t actually know them. I invited my girlfriend, Katie to participate with me, as she has found the world of Yoga and it’s changed her life.  I created the #30daystostartnow Yoga challenge to push myself, to commit to something that promotes happiness within.

30 days, goals, promises to yourself. 30 Yoga poses to try. 30 chances to make small steps towards a healthier you. 30 days to set aside excuses & see that you can. 30 days to start now.

Downward Dog

We started October 8th and finished today, November 7th  Through Instagram, I  posted a new theme for the day meant to motivate & challenge you. A new Yoga pose was posted in conjunction with the daily theme to help you dedicate yourself to yourself. To commit to your practice, your time.

wild thing

My hope was that people would  find motivation within, time for themselves on their mat, and some positive habits to hold onto.

I’m not a certified Yoga instructor, life coach or therapist. I’m not selling anything. People get what they put in. I did this challenge for me, for my love of Yoga, my want to motivate and inspire as I have been motivated and inspire.

Godess Pose

This challenge has awoken something in me – made me want to open up myself more, to continue the journey down motivation lane. Feel free to join me – the more the merrier!!