The Two-Week #thankfulforvacation Challenge


In Exactly two weeks, I will be leaving for the sunny beaches of Vieques, a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Mike and I couldn’t be more excited! The past few months have been packed – filled with family visitors, yoga challenges, Denver flip projects, Breckenridge window jobs, work travel and conferences….we’re ready for a vacation!

I’ve been researching Vieques, finding the cool, fun and Must-do’s while on the island and then I suddenly realized I would like to take a moment, each day, to be thankful for the hard work we’ve put in and even more thankful for this upcoming break. And how can I do this?! Through a daily two-week challenge of course!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be kicking my workouts into high gear (I’m going to need to be in a bathing suit!), incorporating high intensity moves into my yoga routines, committing to a morning workout (which has been difficult for me!) eating as clean and mindful as possible, and most importantly giving thanks for the opportunity to travel, with my love, to go explore a new part of the world. I feel so lucky, blessed, happy that I am able to break from my wonderful life to do so.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner as well, always a good time to pause and give thanks to all that has come to fruition throughout the year, give thanks to those you love in your life, and take into account the daily beauty that we can often take for granted. A perfect time to reflect and join in on this challenge!

I’m going to break thins #thankfulforvacation challenge into 3 daily parts: morning, afternoon & evening. It’s a lot, but two weeks will fly by (before I actually fly!) so commit with me! Follow me on Instagram (@clawrencester) & subscribe to my Youtube channel, where I’ll post workouts, meals, and things I’m thankful for. My goals for this challenge are not to lose weight, but to tighten, firm, tone my body & mind in preparation for pure relaxation and release. To be mindful of what I have and the work I put in for what I want.

For Day 1, I’m committing to this challenge, setting my goals up, capturing where I am and visualizing where I want to be in two weeks…besides on a beach! Do the same! I’ll post a workout later on Instagram & Youtube, so if you’re joining me check it out.

Day 1 picture
Day 1 picture

Join me on this thankful journey and give thanks to your body, mind and spirit!

Ready, Set, Happy Challenge!!

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