Early morning in Colorado: snow & yoga!

It’s Day 2 of the #thankfulforvacation challenge and I actually got my butt out of bed for an early morning workout! Last night, I spent a good 10 minutes before bed with some breathing exercises, focusing on how thankful I felt for our upcoming trip, the awesome dinner we had (I made a sweet potato & tofu curry over spinach) and the happy we both feel. If you’ve never sat with your breath this way, I highly recommend it. I slept like a baby!

Day 2: Early Morning Yoga & Snow in Colorado

And awoke to Day 2, ready to get after it! Greeted with the dim light of a snowy November morning (yup, it’s snowing here!), I headed downstairs to my ‘studio’ and did a 25 minute workout to get the blood flowing.

Getting up early isn’t a problem for me usually, however hopping up and working out? Ummmm, yeah. No. I’m really pumped about this challenge, as it’s motivating me to really push myself for the next two weeks.

I’m uploading my short videos onto YouTube if you’re interested in joining in the challenge with me. My goal is to post workouts that you can do, videos about what I’m eating/cooking, and mindful exercises you can participate in to really hone in on the thankful. Tune in, set some goals & push yourself for the next two weeks!

Happy Tuesday!


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It all began 20+ years ago, in high school, when a boy met a girl and fell in love. Big parties, summer vacations, a big red jeep. Happiness came easy and was plentiful. Ah, but youth is wasted on the young and so the boy and girl went their separate ways.... Fast forward through college, first & second apartments, trips around the world, motorcycle accidents, moves to different cities, jobs and more jobs, starting a company, falling for two horribly wrong people which led to two broken engagements, then reuniting with each other, moving to Colorado, starting another business together. Yup, that about sums it up. That leaves us, Catie & Mike, 20+ years later. We saw the world apart & now are venturing through, exploring happiness together. From creating new tastes in the kitchen, to venturing to new countries, hiking, biking or skiing, touring craft brews, entertaining friends and family, to upgrading the house, or flipping and gutting an investment property, it's us, enjoying the ride. We're not making up for lost time, we're just not losing any more of it. And so our happy adventures begin...Follow us at happyandweknowit.com

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