Day 3: Seeds Galore!

This morning, I couldn’t get myself out of bed (here in Colorado the temperature was 0 degrees!!) but it was a fabulous morning nonetheless. The sun was shinning bright and I felt awesome for Day 3 of the #thankfulforvacation challenge. Last night I continued my breathing exercises before bed, really focusing in on unwinding from the day, giving thanks to the good in my life, and setting positive intentions for the next day. And after having an impromptu happy hour with Mike at Colorado Plus, then doing a snowy handstand and topping the night off in the hot tub, I had a lot to be thankful for….and I slept like a baby again!

Snowy Colorado Handstands
Snowy Colorado Handstands

So, this morning I started my day with a piece of avocado toast topped with raw pumpkin seeds & a side of red grapes. Yesterday, I had some raw seeds and dried apricots for a mid-day snack and recorded a short video about the great benefits of seeds and dried fruit. Check it out on my YouTube Channel.

If you’re trying to stay healthy, but like to snack (who doesn’t!) it’s totally worth investigating these delightful snack foods. Here are some of the benefits, plus links to more detailed info:

Raw Sunflower Seeds

High in Vitamin E
Good source of Magnesium

Dried Apricots

High in fiber
Potassium (more than a fresh apricot, who knew!?)
Non-Hem Iron (plant based iron)Antioxidants

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc (immune system)
Plant-based Omega-3 Fats (this is the good kind of fat!!!)
Prostate Health (tell the men in your life to seed up!)

So, be like the birds and eat your seeds! They’re super quick, crunchy and good in salads, baking, or just plain.Great to mix in dried fruit too for your own trail mix.

Later this afternoon I’ll be practicing some Yoga and will post a flow, but definitely glad I got out in the merry sunshine – just got back from taking my baby bulldog Haley for a mile walk in the wintery wonderland. Nothing better than getting out in nature, so hope you have the pleasure of doing so today!

Happy Thursday!!!

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