Be Light



It’s Day 5 of the Mindful 21 challenge and I’ve been so happy with the amazing people who have joined. Today’s theme: Be Light. This really resonates with me during this time, as I feel I’ve never been surrounded by so many people who lift me up, allow my light to shine. And it’s taken time and practice to know when I need to let go of that which weighs me down.

Today, think about that which lifts you, lightens your load and allows you to shine brightly. Could you shed some unwanted, unproductive baggage? Do you have things in your life that are cluttering your path to new?

This can be metaphoric clutter or actual clutter. Look around your home or office. Do you have space that is clear, clean, inviting? Do you have a place in your home you feel creative, energetic, alive? Could you lighten these spaces, removing unnecessary distractions or paper to make room for creation. I try to clean my desk, lighten it so to speak, once a week at least. If the space is cluttered, how can my mind focus on a single task!? I notice that when there are things scattered about, I feel scattered.

Go through your closets, cupboards, files and clean out what you do not need, have not worn or used in the past year. Donate it to Goodwill and allow light to enter your space.

Sit in a quiet space, that is clean and inviting, and think about how you can lighten your mental load. What are you holding onto that doesn’t serve you anymore? Negative thoughts, unnecessary anxiety, people who leave you feeling drained – these are things you can do without, so lighten your load.

Happy Light!



Be Positive

Positive“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

 Your thoughts are living things within you. They roll around in your brain, wash over your being and I believe they are catalysts for our actions. They become who you are.

When we focus our minds on positivity, we are drawing our own map that leads to a positive outcome. Our neurons are then prepped for positivity. Think about good and bad experiences you’ve had in your life. The bad ones tend to stand out. But, in training our brains to focus on the good, the positive, we’re getting them in shape for the positive long-run.

Begin your day, or perhaps end your day, focusing on the positive things that occurred, regardless of how small. The beautiful view you had driving into work. How there wasn’t a line in the grocery store. Your co-worker complimenting your campaign. Your ability to spend this time, even if it’s only 5 minutes, reflecting on the good in your life.

I truly believe we create our own reality and that starts with our thoughts. Waking up each morning, going to bed each night, with a blanket of positivity invites more of the same. Creating good thinking habits is just as important as keeping up with your physical habits. Our mental state plays an enormous role in our life, so making sure we’re working on keeping it positive should be a daily habit.

Find a place where you feel positive vibes, where you feel happy and light. Sit for 5 minutes and invite positivity into your day, your life.

What positive things are you focusing on? Share with me!!!! And follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

Happy Positivity!

February Yoga Challenge: #ckyogachallenge

21 Day #CKYogaChallenge
21 Day #CKYogaChallenge

There’s motivation in motivating, so we’re back at it again! Katie and I have paired up again to present another Yoga challenge for the first 21 days of February. Here’s what you need to know about our 21 day #ckyogachallenge:
1. It starts February 1st, this Sunday, and goes through Saturday February 21st.

2. We’ll be focusing on seven major areas: Balance, Core, Arm Strength, Legs, Inversions, Upper Body, Back Bends. For the first 3 days we’ll do Balance poses, one per day. The next 3 days, Core poses…and so on!

3. Each day will have a pose or flow for you to focus on & we will ask that you participate by practicing the pose & tagging us in your picture.

4. Along with the Yoga, we’ll post a nutritional tip, fact, recipe daily – the yoga lifestyle is about taking care of your mind & body physically as well as nutritionally!

5. Follow us on Instagram to get in on the fun! @clawrencester & @mamasteyoga Not on Instagram? Like Mamaste Yoga on Facebook to see posts.

6. Have fun, take care of your body, stay motivated!!

Join us for 21 days and commit to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you want to deepen your practice, try yoga, gain balance & flexibility, strengthen your core, loose a bit of weight, or just incorporate a positive habit into your routine, this is a great way to do it! If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live!?


Happy #ckchallenge!!