Veggies Don’t grow on Trees!?

Eating well while traveling!
Eating well while traveling!

Day 13 of the #plantfueledyoga challenger continues with the Whole Body Whole Flow series!

Today is all about busting on the myth that to eat well you need to empty your pockets. I’ve been to the stores and have seen the bag of chips: halfway filled with air, loaded with salt, chemically altered flavor, and loads of saturated fact, they provide zero nutritional value. And they’re close to $5 dollars a bag! For 5 dollars, you can get 5 HUGE bunches of kale that would last you days, provide your body with essential nutrients, fiber, iron, vitamins.

The Myth: Eating plant-based whole foods is expensive.
The Reality: Eating a whole food plant-based doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. According to an Iowa State University study, plant protein used in a vegan diet is usually less expensive than animal protein. Many staples of a plant-based diet (fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains) are readily available in bulk, and can be purchased at almost any grocery store.

And while the dollar value of animal products in the grocery store may not seem that high, by consuming animal products, we pay a very high price when when it comes to our health, the welfare of the animals, and our environment.

Check out the Happy Herbivore for a fun look at cutting your costs.


Your Whole Body Yoga Flow: Restorative Headstands

I’ve been at a tradeshow for the past 48 hours, so needed this dearly! After 8 hours on my feet, getting upside down felt amazing.

Start with a sun salutation series, stretching the body and awakening the muscles. From a downward dog position, bring your left leg forward into a runner’s lung. If it’s available to you, bring your forearms down to the right of your foot for a good stretch.

Bring your h


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