I’m a few day behind on my blog posts pertaining to the #mindbodyyoagachallenge so here goes the entry for day 5:


This themes is huge in my mind, as it directly points to what yoga has helped me with. Being conscious of my thoughts, the energy I allow them to have, and the actions I take (or don’t take) because of them.

Being conscious of your environment and how you’re interacting within it can help your overall well-being. Stopping yourself before you say something judgmental, critical, dismissive can not only impact someone else, but the energy within yourself. Sounds spacey, but try it. Think about your response/comments before speaking them. May make the difference in someone’s day.

Day 5 affirmation: I will be conscious of my actions and do everything with love.

The Yoga Assignment: Reverse Plank – a heart opener.


Open yourself to consciousness, do things purposefully, with positivity and love. Be the change you want to see in the world.


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