Mama Mia: Homemade Kidney Bean Balls

Being mostly plant-based may seem like I’m missing out – no meatballs, hamburgers, sausages or meatloaf!?!?! Well, I’m going to be bold and say the plant-based versions of all of these are better!

Plant Power
Plant Power

Not only do they contain enzymes, nutrients, vitamins essential for our health, they leave out the saturated fat & cholesterol animal protein adds. Think of the cow as the middleman – it eats plants to get nutrients, but the nutrients gets filtered through its system and passed on to our plates with all the extra bullsh*$!

And above all else, the plant versions are delicious!

I was craving Italian, something hearty, so whipped up these kidney bean balls last weekend. They turned out amazing – super hearty, filling, and packed with plant goodness. The secret ingredient? Fresh baked breadcrumbs! I had stale whole wheat hamburger buns in my fridge, so ripped em’ to shreds and made an Italian style breadcrumb that added a ton of flavor.



Stale bread (2-3 slices, or 2 hamburger buns)
2 tablespoons oregano & parsley & onion powder
2 Tablespoons of olive soil
Pinch of sea salt & pepper

Crumble bread into bite sized pieces and put into a bowl. Mix all dry ingredients and toss oil into the bowl – mix well. Bake breadcrumbs at 350 for 12-16 minutes.

Kidney Bean Balls

1 can of organic kidney beans (rinsed)
1/2 medium red onion
4 garlic cloves
1 tablespoon balsamic olive oil 1 flax egg (1 tablespoon of flaxmeal mixed with 2 tablespoons of water – let mixture sit until gooey)

Chop onion and put into a cuisine art along with the garlic gloves. Mix until minced. Add can of beans and pulse about 4-5 times. You want mixture to be chunky. Add flax egg and balsamic stir with a wooden spoon. Toss in breadcrumbs and mix. Form into balls and put on a cookie sheet with parchment paper (I sprayed a bit of olive oil on parchment paper). Bake at 375 for about 15-20 minutes. Balls should be firm.

Check out my instagram page to see a video of the plant-goodness!


Cleansing Diets: The Biggest Myth Busted

Welcome to Day 5 of the #plantfueledyoga Challenge!

How many of you have heard of someone you know doing a cleanse? Whether it was a juice cleanse, where all they’re consuming for several days is juice, or a fasting cleanse, where maybe just lemon water is allowed, the thought behind is the same: riding your body of toxins happens through this process.

The Myth: You need to “detox” (i.e. juice cleanse, fasting, severely calorie-restricted diet) in order to be healthy.

The Reality: While there is nothing wrong with drinking juice, there is no scientific research that juice cleanses and other so-called detox diets provide benefits in the short or long term.

Most nutritionists agree that juice cleanses are not an overall healthy approach to eating, nor are they necessary to regain balance after a period of unhealthy eating or to jump-start wholesome habits. The body does a great job of detoxifying itself, through the action of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Go Body!

Juice cleanses and other liquid detox diets are not necessary for health, since the body is always in a natural state of cleansing itself. Reach for healthful, plant-based whole foods as much as possible – your hard-working organs will thank you.


Lunge Twists
Lunge Twists

Your Cleansing Yoga Challenge:  Lunge Twists 

Oh, this juicy pose will feel delicious to your internal organs!

From a standing mountain pose, fall over your legs for a forward fold.  Then take your right leg back into a runners lunge.

Come up into a crescent lunge, take a breathe and feel strong! Take your hands to your heart center and slowly hinge over your left thigh (without dropping your weight onto it).

Slowly twist to the left, having your right elbow lean on your leg. Breathe here. Breathe in for at least 5 full breathes.


Tofu Scramble with a side of Plank

Tofu Scramble
Tofu Scramble

Starting your day off on the right foot means getting after your veggies! And packing in the plant protein is super easy when you’re doing a Tofu scramble.


1 Pack of firm Tofu, drained
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
1 cup of spinach
3-4 tablespoons of onions
1 red pepper, diced

Put 1 tbls of olive oil into a frying pan. Heat and add the garlic & onions. Sauté for 4-6 minutes on medium. Add the pepper. Take the tofu and crumble it into the pan. Sauté together until the tofu is browned. Once browned, add the spinach in slowly. Yummy (optional) spice additions for tofu scramble: tumeric, onion powder, nutritional yeast, dijon mustard, curry powder, and cumin.

You’re ready for a plant-based, protein-packed breakfast to fuel you for the day.

Your Strength Yoga Challenge: Plank Series

Come into downward dog, then shift your weight and lower your tailbone, coming into high plank.
Come back into downward dog, lift your right leg & come back into high plank, with your leg raised. Lower into chaturanga, with your leg raised. Come back into down dog.
Repeat with your left leg.

When you’re done this series, come back into high plank.
Roll onto your right ankle and take your left hand high into side plank.
Stretch your left hand over your head, extending all the way through the left side.
Then lower your hips, dipping down and bring your hand to your side.
Flow with this dipping up and down 10 times. Repeat on the other side!

Check out Sarah & me (@clawrencester) on Instagram for pictures of this fabulous meal & our Strong Planks! Post your goodness and use #plantfueledyoga.