Fundamentals & Dedication

Fundamentals: Core, Breathe, Balance, Practice
Fundamentals: Core, Breathe, Balance, Practice

The #mindbodyyogachallenge is picking up steam!

Day 2 was all about Fundamentals. Bringing it back to the basics, the simplicities of not only yoga or fitness, but life in general. Taking a walk in the sunshine. Playing with your dogs in the backyard. Blaring Christmas music while you make dinner. Breathing.

The affirmation I paired with it: I have all I need within me to be great!

We often search outside for what we need…a job, a pat on the back from the boss, a boyfriend or girlfriend telling us what we’re capable of. Why do we do this!? Seriously, the fundamentals lie within us.

Core. Breathe. Balance. Practice.

These may seem like they’re only relating to Yoga, but think about it. You need a strong core in life, so that when you are in a situation that doesn’t work for you or an instance where people are telling you you can’t….you tighten your core and know what to do. Go with your gut!

Breathe is essential in all aspects, yet we forget to give it attention. It can help calm us, steady us, center us. Going back to your breathe can save you.

Balance is a tricky one, because too far over to one side (work, home, friends, family) and you can fall. Finding balance between good and bad, self and self-less, nurture and indulge. It’s hard, and it takes time and practice….everything you want to be better in your life takes work & practice.

I asked people to go back to the fundamentals with 4 Sun Salutation B in a row. Starting with a basic pose and building on almost guarantees success. There are no shortcuts to greatness.

Today’s theme: Dedication

This separates the good from the spectacular. We can all give our all for awhile, partaking in the above and beyond here and there. But bringing that ferocity, passion, dedication to all aspects of your life? To your health and wellness? Fad diets, all-the-rage routines are cool for a bit, hell I’ve totally hopped on those trains (and honestly, don’t think there’s anything wrong with variety). But is what you’re doing sustainable? Will you be able to lift 200 lbs of weights over your head for months and years and decades? Can your body afford to go on a cleanse diet several times a month? Are you dedicated to your well-being? What are you doing about it?

The Affirmation: I will dedicate time to my wellness each day, both my physical & mental, to become the best version of myself.

You get one run at this life. You get one place to live: your body. Your mind follows you everywhere. Dedicate time to your body & mind. Try 10 minutes of yoga today – even if it’s basic. Need to know where to start or have questions? Feel free to ask!

Happy Dedicating!


Happy Day 1 of the #mindbodyyogachallenge!

Today’s theme: motivation

Today’s affirmation: I have the motivation within myself to do anything I put my mind to.

Yoga Assignment: 5 sun salutations in a row

Motivation can be fleeting. You get really excited about a workout routine, a new project, a goal. It can be hard to keep up the stamina though!

That’s what today is about….asking yourself what motivates you? What challenges you in a way that propels you forward?

I set my alarm early (5:50 MST), got up to do a 20 min yoga flow that ended with 5 sun salutations (today’s Yoga Assignment for you!) When I start my day with yoga, I feel so energized, focused, ready to begin! Plus, knowing that it was Day 1 of this challenge got me pumped. What motivates you? Are you motivated by others? By music? By money? What gets you up and raring to go?

There’s motivation in motivating, so try 5 sun salutations in a row and see how you feel! Follow me @clawrencester & @mamaste on instagram along our 21 day challenge. There’s strength in numbers!!

Not sure how to do a sun salutation? Check out these step-by-step instructions: Sun Salutation or check out Mamaste Yoga’s Facebook page.

Happy Monday!

Introducing the #MindBodyYogaChallenge

So, My girlfriend Katie and I have partnered once again in a yoga challenge!

If you’re anything like her and I, you want to feel motivated, inspired, challenged on a daily basis, pushed to become the best version of yourself, blowing past boundaries you may have once thought impossible. Quite a tall order, right!?

On my own, I’d say I can be a tour de force. Highly energetic, with a huge thirst for new experiences, a feverish drive. But, I can also get in my own way, I’ll admit. Pie in the sky expectations of myself sometimes get tossed aside for the sheer comfort of an, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Together however, we feed each others motivation, hold each other accountable for participating in that days theme, challenge, pose! If you know someone is counting on you, and you have just a little willpower, you’ll rise to the occasion every time (even beyond it!). There is strength in numbers and finding those who help fuel your strengths is so vital!

So, our first challenge (#30daystostartnow) hit it outta the ballpark (hey, I had fun!) so I’ve orchestrated another to continue the bond we’ve created via yoga. Through this dedication, I’m able to commit to myself and find time, hell, make time, for the things that help me feel alive.

Presenting the #mindbodyyogachallenge


This 21 day challenge will incorporate the physical, mental and overall health benefits of the yoga lifestyle that both Katie and I feel so passionately about. Looking for motivation? Want to do something good for your body, mind, and spirit? Are you looking to change your body? Change your perspective?  Change your mood? Do you want a challenge? Well, come on and join in the fun!!


We’ll kick off the challenge this Sunday and day 1 will begin December 15th.

Each day, a new challenge will be presented and we’ll ask you to participate by posting a picture of yourself partaking in that day’s theme/pose/challenge.

Follow us on instagram @clawrencester & @mamasteyoga for daily challenges & affirmations.

I’m going to try to post a daily blog delving into that day’s theme, so tune in and please feel free to participate!

Have any questions, thoughts, comments? Share with us!

Happy Challenge!