Soup Season: How to Throw a Plant-Based Soup Swap

Days are getting cooler and nights are falling earlier here in Colorado. It’s officially Soup Season! I love to cook, as anyone who follows me on Instagram or has browsed this blog and fall is a beautiful time to break out the dutch oven. I’ve put my 5th official Plant-Based Soup Swap on the books and I am plotting my recipe as the date gets closer, which has made me reflect on the past few years of plant-based soup swaps.

Plant-Based Soup Swap

The amazing thing about hosting a soup swap is everyone walks away with six delicious, brand new soups that can be frozen and eaten all fall….and even into the winter. Anyone who works a full-time gig knows it can be tough to get a homemade, nutritious dinner on the table – and even harder to pack a lunch! Having multiple soups to choose from during a busy week or perhaps when you just don’t feel like cooking, is clutch!

I threw my first Colorado Soup Swap in November 2015 after having been introduced to the concept by a girlfriend in Philadelphia. I made a Loaded Baked Potato soup with maple seitan bacon. It was scrumptious!

For my second plant-based Soup Swap, there was a smaller crowd, so I ended up making two soups to ensure everyone walked away with a variety of soups. I made Chunky Tomato (with tomatoes from our garden) and a Spicy Thai Noodle soup. Both ended up being delightful.

My third soup swap brought eight women to my backyard, during a beautiful November day. I ended up making an Italian Wedding soup with chick pea meatballs that I left out of the soup, so people could freeze them without them getting soggy.

Last year, I hosted my largest soup swap to date, with ten people coming out with soups galore! I made a veggie dumpling soup. I got word that although I thought the dumplings were super dense, people loved them .

This year, I’m hosting my plant-based soup swap on October 27th and so far, I think it’s shaping up to be an event for the books. Now the only question is….what kind of soup should I make!? The jury’s still out on that, but I’ll be sure to share the recipes after the event.

If you’ve never heard of the concept of a plant-based soup swap, or perhaps would like to start your own tradition, here’s how to spread the word and the directions on how to throw your own plant-based soup swap.

What you need to do to participate:

Pick a plant-based soup to make (you’ll need to double the recipe) and come to the party with 6 containers full of 1 quart of your soup – we swap them, so make sure it’s in a container you can give away (dollar store has cheap containers!) The idea here is that everyone leaves with a variety of soups they can freeze!

What Does Plant-Based Soup mean?

Using veggie broth, tomato/based, or beans, create a soup that is animal & animal product free (no chicken, turkey, pork, cow, dairy, cheese, butter). It’s not hard! Earth balance has a vegan butter that is super cheap, there are nut milks & veggie broth is found everywhere! Be creative – plants are so versatile and delicious!!!

What to do at the swap:

Have everyone clearly label their soup, taping small pieces of paper to the container or writing right on it with a sharpie marker. Once the swap is under way, each soup maker will have a chance to introduce their soup, stating why they choose it, or perhaps anything special about the recipe. All those who have made a soup will get a number and the swap will go in order, number one getting their first pick, and so on. If there are more than six people, it means that not everyone will get every soup, and the really appealing soups will go first.

Thinking about throwing your own swap or perhaps have done so? Let me know how it goes! Happy soup swapping!




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