One Month Post ACL/Meniscus Surgery

One month ago, I was heading into surgery, going to bed with healing thoughts on my mind, knowing that the cutting, slicing, suturing and autografting would result in a new beginning. Yes, the ski season was over, yes the recovery was going to be long, but if I could just get past the surgery I would nail the recovery!

Home PT exercises – 8 Days Post Op

It’s gone by quickly, the first 24 hours being the most painful, then each day a bit better. Bigger milestones hit day 3 & 4, each day a roller coaster of highs and lows. Then I became more mobile, with PT sessions at Panorama as well as home exercises, and the noticeable progress was incredibly encouraging.  Every day was a bit stronger, my knee was a bit better.

After a full week post surgery I had ditched the crutches (I was PUMPED about that!) and was on the road to walking normally. A full month before surgery, my gate was completely thrown due to the injury, and I couldn’t fully straighten my leg, so I couldn’t wait to get my normal strut back. Little did I know that would be one of the major setbacks.

Day 13 and I was still off a bit. Mike filmed me to prove it.

On Day 16, I had several PT appointments under my belt and I had even started pedaling a bit. At this point, the lack of physical activity had gotten under my skin a bit, so I ordered a trainer for my bike. This was exciting! And painful as hell!

A trainer – Day 16 post ACL Surgery

Then the progress stopped. Halted. Ceased to exist. My gate was still F’ed. My knee still ached and felt really uncomfortable. I still couldn’t fully straighten. I was trying to take it easy, but still do my exercises 3 times a day….and nada.

3 Weeks & took off the big brace

After 3 full weeks, I was able to leave the big brace behind, so that was something. And I tried to be perky and grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life. A work conference came to Denver, and it was just the distraction I needed to remind me of all the good.

And today I had my one-month. And the Surgeon confirmed my fears. My knee was a bit inflamed, I’m at 3 (straight) and 120 (bent) and he told me to back off activity, take the next MONTH to get to 125. To stop biking. To not swim. I shouldn’t walk for long distances (an hour would be too long). To take it easier.

Going into my appointment I could envision him clearing me to swim, telling me I could increase the PT, really pick up the momentum with the leg exercises (more squats, biking, walking). I thought I was actually behind in that category, so could almost hear him telling me I needed to push it.

The air left the room as these words were uttered. I felt as though someone had punched me in the chest. My throat got hot and I had to choke back the tears as I uttered, “I didn’t think I could be doing less.”

I couldn’t be more embarrassed of my devastation, knowing I am so blessed in so many areas (most of the areas!) in my life. As I drove home, swallowing the urge to cry, I kept reminding myself of all the goodness, the so, so, so much goodness in my life. And then my mind wonders back….it’s been a hard, one-month post op day.

Tomorrow’s another day!


4 thoughts on “One Month Post ACL/Meniscus Surgery

  1. Hang in there Catie! You will be stronger than ever. Just remember you are 1 month out of a 8-9 month healing process, you’ve come a long way!

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