Post ACL Surgery: Recovery Day 3 & Day 4

It has been 96 hours since I received my ACL reconstruction & meniscus tear surgery. It’s Day 4 and it’s been quite a ride – lots of highs and lows over the past 48 hours…

1. Low – Early afternoon of day 2, I was heading upstairs and felt dizzy and almost slipped backwards. It was embarrassing, as I thought I was stronger.

2. Low – Wednesday & Thursday (day 2 & 3), still took pain pills – one of the big guys at night, one in the morning and two of the little guys during the day. My knee HURT!

3. Low – I eat just as many veggies now as previously, and I’m still constipated. TMI, but it’s definitely a low; I thought that wouldn’t be a problem, as though my veggie status would eliminate this side effect. I have been drinking apple cider vinegar every morning and had some prunes to help. And I turn 86 on my next birthday.

4. Low – Getting around is still uber annoying. My leg doesn’t bend much, getting into bed, off the couch, in a chair, on the toilet (where not much is happening anyway) takes an excruciating amount of time. Annoying.

My first visitor!

5. High – My mom came!! Afternoon of day 3, she brought cookie making supplies, her motherly instincts and hours of cleaning energy. Our house has never been so clean and I’ve so enjoyed her company! Mike and her have taken great care of me and cooked, filled ice machines, spotted me as I’ve traveled down the stairs….Love all the love.

6. High – I have my appetite! I’ve been able to eat the kale & blueberry smoothie I pre-made, I’ve enjoyed the roasted butternut squash soup I made pre-surgery, and mom & Mike have made delicious dinners while we chatted and watched romantic movies. Last night, after almost 24 hours of being Free from pain medication, I even had a beer!

The big reveal!

7. High – I went to my post-pop appointment and got great marks from my surgeon’s PA! He said I was healing beautifully, there was no signs of blood clotting and everything was on schedule. Following my appointment I had my first PT session (I get 12 that insurance will cover) and it went well! Will seems nice and he gave me some small things to work on – activating my quad, bending my knee and straightening my leg. Pretty basic exercises but not to be taken lightly.

I’m a bit nervous at my first PT session!

7. High – It’s day 5 as I write this and  I’ve been pain medication free for 36 hours+, have had success with the bathroom (hey, you don’t know what you’re missing till its gone!) and am alert as I drink my coffee outside, in a chair, with my knee slightly bent, in the merry sunshine.

Outside therapy

I will continue to celebrate the small victories and not get too down by the setbacks. It’s getting better all the time.

3 thoughts on “Post ACL Surgery: Recovery Day 3 & Day 4

  1. I’m glad you are doing so well. They did a great job with the incisions – you’ll never see them when they heal. Your Mom told me about the two machines you have at home. Sounds like major therapy. After back surgery, all I had to do was get up & down & walk. The pain pills cause the constipation so you’ll be fine now you’re off them. Hang in there – you’re doing great.

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