Baked Banana & peanut butter Oats

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, especially if you have an incredibly physical job, like Mike. Since we cut out land-animal protein, we are very mindful of getting enough plant based protein and good carbs, for energy. Especially when the day ahead is filled with demo, heavy lifting, and being on your feet!

Bathroom Demo


This is our upstairs bathroom – Mike is doing the whole thing himself, so get’s pretty hungry!

Bathroom PlumbingHere he is sweating the pipes. What a renaissance man!

I work at a desk all day, so loading up on protein/carbs isn’t a priority. So finding that balance can be a challenge…and by the end of the week, we’re low on groceries, so what the heck do I make that’s quick, protein/energy loaded and tastes good!?

Quick oats baby! Super good, filling, and versatile! Add different kinds of nuts, try different milk substitutes, top with fresh fruit….voila! My motto: #workhardcookhard (find me on Instagram!)

1 cup Quick oats
1 cup Almond milk (I’m sure regular, coconut, soy milk would be fine too!)
1 ripe-ish banana, mashed (you can mash with everything else, doesn’t need to be before)
A handful of walnuts (you can toast before hand in skillet or oven, but I didn’t -bake them at 375 for 7-10 minutes)
1-2 large scoops of peanut butter or any nut butter really (I use chunky, natural)

Combine all ingredients, except peanut butter, in a bowl, including banana. Put mixture into baking dish and cook at 350 for 30 minutes.

Top with peanut butter….right out of the oven it will be all warm and gooey, yum! You can drizzle with honey too and top with fruit. I used strawberries!

Happy Breakfast!

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