A Vermont Wedding

This past weekend, Mike and I headed east for one of my best girlfriend’s wedding. She and I have been friends since the 7th grade – a long, long time! I was the maid of honor and couldn’t be more excited for her!

Taking a late afternoon flight, we arrived in wet, humid Boston around 8pm Friday night. That’s something that we haven’t seen in quite some time: the wet humidity of early east coast summers. Anywho, it made us appreciate Denver even more.

After renting our convertible (yup, we splurged!) we hit the road – 3 hours and some change later we made it. In the pitch black, we didn’t get a chance to see the beauty New England has to offer, but I knew the ride back would be glorious.


The weekend couldn’t have been more beautiful, full of fun. It wasn’t stressful or over-the-top. Bridezilla was not invited. Drama hadn’t RSVP’d. Mountain Top Inn, the resort she choose, had the quaintness of any New England resort, with a modern twist. And the backdrop for the actual wedding day – breathtaking!

Vermont House

I’m not sure how I feel about marriage – a product of divorced parents, with statistics of failure always jumping out at me, plus I don’t want kids….well this wedding had all of what I’d consider to be perfection. A mix of friends, family, activity, partying, relaxing. Mike and I couldn’t have had more fun!

Mike and Catie

Bridal Party

Before I Do

At the reception, we danced the night away – I mean, 80% of the guests were on the floor, shaking what their momma gave them. The party, food, hosts….amazing. As the maid of honor, I had to give a toast, which I was thrilled about. I was there the night the two met – a chance encounter, where the groom had taken the spot of a friend who had bailed on reservations. If you don’t believe in fate, this may change your mind.

My Toast:

A Tale of two souls, from distant cities,
One had the Red Socks and one had the Phillies.

They met on a whim, over tapas one night,
A coworker coaxed him out, he didn’t put up a fight.

In for work with the brotherly love,
No one could have guessed it was a sign from above.

They were destined to meet, it had to be fate,
We joked we’d better be invited to the date.

Boxes were packed, futures solidified,
Then he asked her one day, if she’d be his bride.

Now we stand and raise a glass to their vow,
Forever began that day and brought them to now.

A Toast to my dear friend and her perfect match-

May you continue to feed each others mind, body and soul
And may you always taste life’s adventures with an open palette.


Cheers to love & everlasting happiness!



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