Snap Happy

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the week, letting the trivial work, chore, errand messiness fog your happy goggles, especially if you’ve had a doozie of one. More and more these days I think about how happiness should permeate every area of your life, no matter what, although I’m not quite sure how to completely block out the messiness that spills into our happy. Realistically we get pissed. Let’s be honest, we’re human and things have a way of working in, no matter how positive we try to stay. One thing that I’ve taken note of as having an everlasting positive affect on my well-being: pictures. It’s a way to capture a moment of enjoyment, of deliciousness, of creation, of love and carry it with you.


Little things are snap worthy, as long as enjoyment follows. Take this shot, from last weeks menu selection. In an effort to eat vegetarian one to two times a week, I made white bean burgers, with jalapeño cheddar, baked zucchini and Omaha Steak potato cakes. A pretty simple meal that we cooked together, which happens to be the best way, in my opinion, to end your day; creating a meal with someone who enjoys the art of feast ad much as you. Then we have the below, yet another tasty meal caught in image form, cause sometimes you just need a little spice! (Spicy Thai shrimp with rice noodles & snap peas!)

Sometimes, it’s a moment that takes your breathe away, something that stops you in your tracks (and not much does now a days, lets be honest!). If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have to look hard for these moments, you can find beauty in the simple things…a bleeding sky from a sinking sun, a rainbow after a short rain storm, the fabulous meal you just prepared.

Revel in the small moments that bring a smile to your lips and if you’re lucky, your camera will capture a portion of that!

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