Backyard Brews

One of my favorite things to do involves checking out new local spots (or at least new to me!). I’m really not picky, needing just a few key points to entice me:

  • Relatively close in proximity to our house (30-40 minutes)
  • Unique in some way, offering a fresh outtake
  • Full of good food & spirit.  

Well happy Friday!

Mike and I ventured locally to a new brewery just a hop, skip and a Harley ride away in Ambler a few Friday’s ago and found all of the above. Tucked behind the main drag, looking more like someone’s house-warming, stood an old Victorian, now converted into the dearest little brewery ya ever did see! Forrest & Main Brewing Company  overflowed with people Friday, but the welcoming ambiance felt more like a friends living room rather than a new restaurant, complete with a baby playing on a quilt spread out in the front yard. The bar/living room housed old-fashioned sconces, chandeliers and beautifully refinished hard-wood floors. We nestled in after ordering two cask beers and knew we had found a treasure! Hell, they had bacon popcorn on the menu!!

Waiting for an outside table proved to be the right move cause we were sitting just as the sun was setting. A picturesque setting for anyone looking for a little different. Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to go far! Cheese plate with pickled veggies completely hit the spot, with the vinegary munchies just right, paired with whole grain mustard and sharp cheddar cheese. The perfect compliment to the gorgeous evening’s adventure.

We are truly lucky to live so close to so many local gems…makes our adventures plentiful!

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