Life has brought us back together, after years of exploring other things, so we want to get out and see as much as possible!

Colorado Happy

Exploration and adventure doesn’t need to be reserved for vacation, although it’s often when you have the most time to do both. Back in High School, the first time around, we traveled a limited amount together, heading to Freeport, Maine, where my family has property, to the beach, young trips so to speak. When we were both young, travel of great proportions required money, maturity, a sense of hunger that I don’t think I acquired until I grew up a bit. They say youth is wasted on the young, so looking back on the times we spent jobless, with summer days at our disposal could really have been spent taking greater adventurous risks. Perhaps to live on Lower Goose Island for a year. To travel cross-country for a sumer. To backpack the Appalachian Trail.


Now, with the passing of time, paired with “adulthood”, my thirst for exploration has only grown into a hobby. An expensive one at that, but a hobby none the less. Finding new places to venture, new corners of the world to dip toes in, well it’s something we have in common. Sitting still in one place, becoming stagnant or complacent isn’t in the cards for us. Home may be where the heart is, but packing up that suitcase to take the heart exploring works too.

I’m a bit of a planning nut, so one of my favorite things to do involves filling the calendar with new things to do. New restaurants, new exhibits and expos, new experiences.  It can be across the country, world or across town. As long as we’re discovering new things, we’re happy! Since reconnecting, the search for new has flourished. From BrewFests in Kennet Square, Colorado Ski Adventures, art museums and First Friday Art Galleries, exploration knows no bounds.

The years spent apart warmed us up for what I believe will be a long explorative future.  New cities, countries, foods, histories. In the past 10 years, I’ve been absurdly lucky to have traveled as much as I have throughout the US (thanks to friends and family!) as well as internationally. I’ve explored parts of Turkey, Paris, Ireland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Africa to name the big guys, and each destination has made me realize how much there is to see, eat and drink!


Long weekends spent visiting drivable destinations work just as well as a passport required rendezvous.  Next stop, exploring what’s out there, together.

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