Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, Save Money & Live Happy

Happy Earth Day! Yes, I realize it was yesterday, but the more I thought about what Earth Day was all about, the more I thought about the ways I live my life, on a daily basis, that celebrate the beautiful Earth we live in. Now, there are plenty of ways in which my footprint weighs heavy on our mother Earth, ways in which I don’t do everything in my power to live as minimally as possible. Airplane travel is one of those ways. But, we’re talking the small, day-to-day things, the daily mindset I have adopted over the years in which I’m affecting change. Or at least trying to do my part. So I thought I’d write about a few simple things I do that not only minimize my carbon footprint, but save me money in the long run and allow for a happier existence. Wow, big claims!

Grocery Shop Once a Week

This one is huge for all of the reasons. I find if I meal plan prior to grocery shopping, I not only eat healthier all week, don’t waste food, save money by not eating out or grabbing un-necessary items. It’s really a win-win. Plus, you’re not running back and forth to the grocery store for this one item, or that thing, wasting gas and time. It’s really been a great way to ensure our meals are as efficient as possible as well, because I’m not left wondering what we should have for dinner or lunch. I know the items in the fridge are there to make a particular meal, so takes the guess work out.

Reduce the Plastic 

I’m sure I don’t have to go into great lengths about the obscene amount of plastic we as humans consume, throw out, waste. The oceans, landfills, roads are full of it. Within the last few years, this has really made an impact with me, so I’ve tried to reduce the amount of plastic I buy and use. A few years ago, I asked for Pyrex Smart Essentials 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, which has been amazing in the kitchen, to use for leftovers and meal prepping.  And it’s helped me reduce the amount of Tupperware, plastic wrap and plastic bags I use. Last year, I bought plastic bags once and they lasted all year. Plastic straws are another culprit I’ve kicked out of my life. When we got married, I actually registered for Metal Straws , which I use everyday in my morning smoothie.

Eat Seasonally 

I’m extremely fortunate to have a gorgeous backyard that Mike and I have built over the years, with huge garden beds that allow us to grow our own food. Mike has planted rows upon rows of lettuce, spinach, kale and beats so far this season, as they are cold weather plants. Going to the grocery store and taking notice of what’s in season is hugely important to the carbon responsibility we all have. As spring comes into bloom, the local produce gets more and more abundant, so take note of what’s on sale and in season. Eating in season not only saves money, but allows for a more colorful, healthy plate! And if you can grow some of your own, even better!

Backyard Oasis

Enjoy your own Backyard 

As noted above, our backyard has truly become an oasis for us and we spend a ton of time out in it, especially in the spring, summer and fall. Often times, we’ll spend most weekends enjoying time out back, instead of driving to a bar or restaurant. Yup, you guessed it….this saves a ton of money! Don’t get me wrong, going out and about with friends can be a blast, but with our Arvada backyard, we often choose to stay put and enjoy ourselves. Creating our dream space has allowed us to entertain more, turn the tv off and step out back, play with our pups in the grass, pick the produce that Mike grows, encouraged me to do more Yoga at home….the ways in which we enjoy the space really goes on and on.

These are only a few things I find myself doing to celebrate the planet in which we call home. I’d love to hear some of yours!

Happy Earth Day!

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