Sebastian, Shalamar & the Sea: Tuesday in Vieques

Today, we’d take to the open seas! We awoke with purpose, excited for the days sailing adventure that lay ahead of us! Not meeting captain Sebastian until 11, we skirted off to breakfast at Buen Provecho & chatted with our friends from Coqui Fire and the waitress & owner of Buen Provecho (you bump into the same locals at the good spots, so I can say with certainty they felt like friends!)

On our way to Esperanza, we chatted happily about the warm people we had met, the anticipation building for the afternoon of sailing. We parked the jeep and moseyed about, heading out to the dilapidated pier where we spotted trumpet fish swimming about. I felt moved to do a short yoga flow, the warm breeze washing over my body. It was the perfect state to be in for an afternoon at sea.

Walking over to the short dock to be scooped up by Sebastian’s dingy, I couldn’t be more excited! There’s something about the openness the ocean horizon conjures, the salt and sun on your face. We noticed a spotted ray as we boarded the dingy – the life under our feet!

The Shalamar

The Shalamar

The Shalamar glistened in the sun – a 1941 vessel, Captain Sebastian explained he had kept her in original condition and you could tell the integrity was still in tact. “I love her like one would love a mistress, for the money she gets from me, I must!”

Captain Sebastian

Captain Sebastian

The day was perfect, with snorkeling, a short sailing lesson, beautiful conversation, a delectable lunch, lots of wine and rum punch….

I could go on and on, trying to find the right words, romantic language that would be fitting of the absolutely glorious day we had, but I will not. My words would not do it justice….so, I’ll leave you with a few photos and your imagination.

Happy sailing!!!

My day at sea

My day at sea

The Wide Open Ocean

The Wide Open Ocean


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