Sunday in Vieques

Since we didn’t arrive home last night until 10:30, sleeping in to 8:30 didn’t seem so decadent, more of a necessity really (can you tell we are not creatures of the night!?).


Our craft beer breakfast joint wasn’t open, so the panaderia was our next stop. Unfortunately, they put jamon in yesterdays and today’s omelet, but I picked around it. A quick shop in the market for agua, nuts & modalla and were off to the playa navio in Sun Bay!


We hadn’t yet been to this beach yet and the lagoon like shape welcomed us. Rocks enclosed either side and after a brief snorkel, we climbed to the right of the beach to scout a cave we had read about. We were able to climb down into the opening, but not able to step inside, for the waves were quite rough. The cave seemed to breathe in and out with the tide, spewing water with each exhale. Very cool!


Mike decided to jump off the cliff to swim to shore, a mere 20 foot plummet. I walked the rocks as I had my phone for documentation purposes. After we got back from the cliffs of Navio, we snorkeled to the left, where a small reef hugged to corner of the lagoon. I got yelled at for not staying with Mike on the way back to shore, even though I had told him I wanted to head in and it was he who didn’t stay with me. It would be the discussion that would later bring our beautiful meal to a screeching end. Ahhh, the turmoil a life of leisure can cause.


I read for quite some time and Mike lounged & drank medallas until our appetites reared their beastly heads and once again we headed to the wonderful Duffys for mojitos & craft beer. I had the hummus burrito & Mike did a repeat of yesterdays lunch: mahi tacos.


The life of an islander is rough and we had grown sleepy so headed back to the casa for some rinsed relaxation. That didn’t last long due to it being close to sunset, so after a short laydown, we packed a cooler & headed to mosquito pier for a spectacular show.


As the sun quickly slipped away, we chatted about how fleeting time was, quite literally disappearing in front of us.


Our Next Course reservations were at 7:15, so we ran home to change & headed out. Unfortunately, the night turned sour with discussion of snorkeling do’s & don’ts, who was in the wrong for letting so much distance get between us in open water, how we won’t be snorkeling again…who knows why, in the middle of paradise, on a gorgeous night in a gorgeous place, such viciousness can hatch. Blame it on the alcohol mixed with fear of eminent danger in the ocean, sprinkled with the idleness of an extended vacation. Seems foolishly vain & blatantly pretentious in hindsight, to not appreciate every second of this and be thankful to be afforded the luxury of vacation.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday, that ended on a note of appreciation, gratitude, and most of all love.

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