No Time Like the Present

They say timing is everything and I tend to agree, now more than ever. Being able to reflect on the past year, seeing the ideas and plans that I was talking about back then, actually come to fruition. It’s pretty cool and I really couldn’t be happier with the move.

It’s hard to make the decision to act though, especially if it goes out of your comfort zone, could possibly annoy someone you love or put them out of their comfort zone, or stretch your resources beyond what you’re normally use to (resources could be monetary, psychological, your time and energy or even your peace of mind).

In the past few weeks, I’ve witnessed a few things that have made me pause, deeply, to re-evaluate and appreciate the things that are here now. A college friend passed away in a car accident – happened instantly, without warning. I haven’t kept in close contact with him, but definitely remember hanging with him at the old alma mater. Some of my close friends were extremely close with him, so it definitely hit close to home. Another of my high school friends lost her father to cancer. While this may have been less of a surprise, the ‘before his time’ element screams from your lips. Time is fleeting and the things we want to do, say, accomplish should be started today.

So, what’s my point in all of this? There is truly no time like the present, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Ben Harper says, “It’s so hard to do, and so easy to say.” But, the doing needs to get done before that’s not an option anymore. When we set aside arguments, because we don’t want to deal with the truths they may bring up, when goals are put off until tomorrow, because ‘I’m too busy, it’s too hard, I don’t have the right resources’, when we don’t look at the here and now as a gift…well, another day passes.

No time like the present begins right now.

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.

― Abraham Lincoln

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