Veggies: Through the weeks & Beyond

Just found an old, unpublished post! It’s now been over 5 months…what a journey!

It has been 21 days since we’ve sworn off four legged friends and it has been quite an adventure. While there have been a few mishaps, for the most part, we have both found our choice to go vegetarian rewarding and delicious! I’ve meant to document the daily meals, thoughts and findings, but guess I’ve dropped the ball. Better late than never though!

So, the past few weeks have been enlightening in several ways. First, we both feel great. Lighter. Clearer. We are not ingesting the antibiotics, steroids or hormones that are pumped into most of the meat we consume. Plus, replacing meat means finding healthy alternatives to fill us. Tofu, seitan, vegetables. Plus, side dishes consist of mostly greens as well. So, we’ve dropped the toxins and doubled up on the dosages of vitamins through veggies.

Another way this experience has opened my eyes is to the plethora of recipes out there that are just waiting to be made! It has been challenging, exciting, delightful. Really, the most fun I’ve had in the kitchen. To make meals that are full of protein, don’t involve too much work, and don’t taste like cardboard so Mike will eat them, well it’s been fun.

Going out has been somewhat of an adventure. Actually, it’s been awesome. Everywhere we have gone has had meatless options that have been super tasty. We’ve not felt like we were settling once. Ok, yes, there has been times when we’ve perused the menu and lingered over a meat dish, pining over the days of carnivore delight…then it fades, and we remember how good we feel, how compassion has outweighed every taste bud hesitation & how happy we are to know we’re doing our part. No matter how small. One meal at a time.


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It all began 20+ years ago, in high school, when a boy met a girl and fell in love. Big parties, summer vacations, a big red jeep. Happiness came easy and was plentiful. Ah, but youth is wasted on the young and so the boy and girl went their separate ways.... Fast forward through college, first & second apartments, trips around the world, motorcycle accidents, moves to different cities, jobs and more jobs, starting a company, falling for two horribly wrong people which led to two broken engagements, then reuniting with each other, moving to Colorado, starting another business together. Yup, that about sums it up. That leaves us, Catie & Mike, 20+ years later. We saw the world apart & now are venturing through, exploring happiness together. From creating new tastes in the kitchen, to venturing to new countries, hiking, biking or skiing, touring craft brews, entertaining friends and family, to upgrading the house, or flipping and gutting an investment property, it's us, enjoying the ride. We're not making up for lost time, we're just not losing any more of it. And so our happy adventures begin...Follow us at

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