Our Colorado Ski Adventure

I wrote this blog back in March 2012, with the intention of it being the first of our documented adventures. Enjoy!

With rain pouring down in the city of brotherly love, Mike and I head to the airport with bags jam-packed full of what I’m praying keeps us warm, we officially have started our Ski City part Deux vacation (Part une took place over New Years).

Oskar Blues Brewery, Longmont Colorado
Winter Park & Mary Jane ski resort, Colorado
Dillan Dam Brewery, Dillan Colorado
Steamboat ski resort, SteamboatSprings Colorado
Fort Colin’s Brewery, Gravity Ten Twenty

Deciding to forgo Septa, we decide to drive from Conshohocken to Smart Park, a park & shuttle service in Essington Park. The coupon stated $6.95 Per day, and with 5 days away, the final price came out cheaper than the two trains we would have had to take via Septa.  Tack on the convenience of having your car when your plane touches down on home soil, and we were sold.
Unfortunately they were full, but pointed us to a neighboring shuttle service, ExpressPark South, where they’d validate the coupon too. No hiccups here!

Boots off. iPad out. Liquids exposed. Take off your belt sir. Breezed through Airport security…after Mike passed through 3 times. 4th times a charm & no patting down!

Flight delayed? No problem! Cantina Laredo had fresh salsa, chips and cervezas waiting. Vacation has begun-High-five! Pacifico & Corona Lights all around!

Finally boarding. Southwest really does a fantastic job, boarding quickly & politely, despite the urge to shake the people who can’t seem to get into the right boarding order. There are signs people!

Aboard the plane, boredom hits and Mike gets antsy. I give him an assignment- list all the craft breweries in Colorado that he’s sampled. Now, we’re talking-he’s off and running! Oskar Blue, Wyncoop, Tommyknockers, Great Divide, Breckenridge brewing co, Backcountry Brewery…all stellar choices & great places to visit!

Landed! We’re scooped up by my bro-in-law & ushered to rent skis (Sports Authority hooked it up!) then to Oskar Blues, one of our favorites we’ve never been to.  Dale’s Pale Ale (6.5%) and Deviant Dale’s (8.5%) went down smoothly, not too hoppy & über refreshing. Habenero wings came, a great recommendation by the bartender, with crispy, not too spicy flavor. A perfect way to start the ski city vaca. Off to bed to prepare for day one at Winter Park & Mary Jane.

Up and at’em! My sister, Heidi, Mike and I are raring’ to go and after a quick breakfast, hugs& kisses to my niece and nephew, we are off to Winter Park & Mary Jane. Beautiful snow covered roads that slice into the mountains carry us there and even though at times, it seemed as though the winters conditions would prevent it, we finally made it there, in one piece. Pulling into a free parking lot on the Mary Jane side of the mountain, Heidi explained that this mountain brought the locals and claimed the phrase No Pain, No Jane. I guess we came to ski, so go big or go home!

Über heady conditions. Taking but one break all day, to refuel at the lunch rock where we scarfed two cold plays (hollowed out bread bowls of fresh baked loafs heaped full of hearty chili then topped with jalapeños, onions & cheese…holy breathe batman!) and a Jane’s Addiction (slow-pulled pork atop a potato bun paired with slaw) the first day of skiing proved successful: 15  runs, 5 hours, no lines, no waiting and ski  up to the car. Now on to the Dillian Dam Brewery to hook up with the rest of our pose (bro-in-law Aaron had to be a poor working stiff, then scoop up the tots).

Ahhh beer! After the day we had, the extra pale ale & seasonal IPA hit the spot. To satisfy our hunger, the ahi tuna wrap with sushi grade tuna, Thai noodles and peanut dipping sauce did the trick. Officially wiped, we headed the short distance to Silverton, where our ski condo awaited. To ward off soreness (or should I say more soreness) a quick Yoga session (lead by myself, courteously of moves I learned from Dorothy O & Rodney Yi) we could officially call it a night…and fall into a ski-induced coma.

Skiing day two! Not so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as day one, Mike and I stumbled out to slurp coffee and prepare for our day at Copper. Being awoken at 3:00am by a Bella (Ben and Ella) ruckus couldn’t slow us down! Bro-in law, Mike and me head out to Cooper, where an epic day unfolded. After a full day, we packed it in and headed to Steamboat, where part duex of our Colorado ski Adventure took place.

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