Travel Healthy – Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Trip

I travel every few months for work and/or fun and have to say I do love it. Exploring a new place, experiencing new things, meeting and talking to new people. Traveling opens up my eyes to a whole new world beyond my everyday.

Travel Healthy

That being said, there are a few comforts from home I miss while globe trotting. Healthy, fresh, whole food being the number one thing. Within the past two months, I’ve traveled quite a bit, so definitely take notice of the poor quality of fresh, readily available food.

Travel Healthy

Currently in Vegas for work, I have thought about the mistakes I’ve made in the past few trips I’ve made, so thought I’d share.

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up to make traveling a bit healthier and more enjoyable.


  1. Bring an empty, reusable water bottle. If you’re flying, you’re not able to bring water through security, but you can fill up your water once you get past the check-point. In Denver International, there’s a water filling station outside many of the bathrooms, which saves me money and keeps me hydrated!
  2. Bring healthy snacks. Ok, if you’re anything like Mike and I, you’re often in a hurry the day you leave so preparing a healthy snack to bring can be an after thought, but don’t let it be!! The snacks in the airport are not only outrageously expensive, they’re full of sugar, salt, fat, preservatives. Nuts, raisins, apples, granola, carrots, veggie wrap with hummus….to have a bag or two of healthy stuff makes the world of difference!
  3. Pack fruit in your bag. When I travel for work, I’m often non-stop, so don’t have a chance to eat properly. By packing a few apples, oranges or clementines, pears in your bag, I’m at least having one serving of fruit.
  4. Don’t drink on the plane or even beforehand. I know this can be tempting, especially if you’re heading on vacation! But alcohol is dehydrating and puts strain on your kidneys and liver. Flying is extremely dehydrating anyway, due to the pressurized air they pump in planes. Try to avoid the alcohol and stick to water!
  5. Get sleep! Again, it’s hard to jump into a new routine, especially if there’s a time change or if you take a red-eye. Try to get to bed early your first night in a new location, no matter how excited you are! Getting good sleep will make or break your trip.
  6. Incorporate Yoga. This is a practice you can do anywhere, no matter how little the space! If you’re new to the practice, try Yogaglo – as long as you have internet, you have access to classes! Just 15 minutes in the morning will awaken your body, calm your nerves, and prepare you for the day. Hotel Yoga is the best!

Hotel Yoga

Happy Travels!

Some San Diego Perspective

I just spent the past four days at the San Diego NACHC CHI 2014 conference. A National Association for Community Health Centers, they focus on healthcare for the undeserved, often un-insured, population. A wonderful group of people commit themselves to this cause, often with little funds or resources. Needless to say, it’s always a great conference and this year I’ve taken away quite a lot of perspective.

Seaport Village San Diego Run

While there, I was able to get out early to run along Seaport Village (there’s something magical about running by the water!) and after long conference days, got on the floor and did some hotel yoga to stretch out my limbs.

Hotel Yoga

One of the sessions I attended really blew me away: Customer Service and Work Life Balance in Healthcare. It’s not a topic you usually hear about in healthcare – or in the corporate world. As one of my colleagues so appropriately pointed out: It’s a term that we like to throw around, but not necessarily implement.

In a nutshell, the presentation was delivered by a charismatic Dr. who had, throughout the years, become extremely passionate about providing good customer service to his patients, which in turn helped with his overall outlook on life. Treat people with respect. Live each day as it may be your last. Have fun and give yourself permission to have fun…and take that mentality to wok.

His energy, his passion for living! It was truly inspirational!

I tried to think of his day to day…seeing sick, tired, unhealthy, terminal patients who look to him for reassurance, medical advice, therapy, often a miracle. And he does it all with compassion, respect for those he works with along with his patients, and a thirst for life that is truly rare. He stressed living your dash – you can’t control when your dash starts (your birth date) or when your dash ends (your death) but what you choose to do to fill the space in between is under your control.

It made me think about how I live between my dash…since gathering the courage to move to Denver, I think I’ve filled my dash with the right things. Things I’m passionate about, things I enjoy, things that improve the quality of my life. What am I doing to inspire? To give back? To contribute to the things I’m so passionate about?

We’re all on our own path, but if everyone contributed more to their own happiness, filling their own ‘dashes’ with positive, fun activities, spreading positivity – what would that world look like!?

All-in-all an amazing conference….and I took away a fabulous lesson: Fill your dash with as much positivity, happiness, fun, excitement, adventure as possible!!!

Fun in San Diego for NACHC CHI 2014