Plant-Based Soup Swap: 2nd Annual

Plant-based cooking seems to leave a lot of people perplexed – what is plant-based cooking? How boring is a soup with just plants in it!? What about THE MEAT!?!?!?!?! Well, let me tell you, plants and veggies are so much more than boring! Vibrant, nutritious, scrumptious, spicy, crunchy, flavorful, bright, tasty…I could go on and … Continue reading Plant-Based Soup Swap: 2nd Annual

Plant Based Soup Swap

My girlfriend Erika invited me to a soup swap about 4 years ago, a lovely gathering of friends, food and delightful recipes. We were all asked to bring six one ounce containers full of homemade soup in which we would swap, taking home six different creations. A-mazing!!! During this time I had started my plant-based … Continue reading Plant Based Soup Swap

2019: One Hell of a Year!

With little less than three weeks to go in 2019, I’ve finally carved out some time to sit and reflect on the year. Now, I’ve started the below account of each month’s comings and goings several months ago, while on planes, recounting the past 11 months. It goes by quickly, doesn’t it? My financial group, … Continue reading 2019: One Hell of a Year!