Our 2015 Intentions, Goals & Bucket List Items

2015's Gonna be a Good Year! As we lie in bed this evening, Mike and I are discussing our goals for the coming year. I like to call them goals as opposed to resolutions, as I’m more goal oriented, so trying to have that mindset when thinking of what we’d like to accomplish this year. So, here it goes…

1. Mike will get his Denver contracting license. He’ll need to get some paperwork together and file it with the Denver building department and he’ll be all set!

2. I will learn as much as I can at the Nutrition Therapy Institute (where I have recently enrolled in a certified nutritional therapist program). Beyond learning in the classroom, I’d like to expand my knowledge of nutrition and apply it to my everyday life.

3. Mike will find a skilled carpenter’s apprentice. He’s found a great crew in the surrounding Denver area, but hasn’t found any luck with skilled woodworkers.

4. I will continue my yoga practice and make time for it each day, even if it’s just 5 minutes. It calms my mind, refreshes my body, and awakens me.

5. Mike will outfit his trailer so it is a functional, organized work vessel. Most of his tools are huge, so being able to house & transport them in an all inclusive space will be huge!

6. Starting January 1, I will put a few hundred dollars a week away for the next 3 months in preparation for our next investment property. This means an extremely tight budget, which will actually be quite a fun challenge for me. I’m a freak for saving money! Homemade meals instead of restaurants, packed lunches for ski days instead of high priced lodge food. Let the savings begin!!

7. I will climb 3 14’ers this year. In 2014, Mike and I climbed Mt. Sherman, our first 14,0000 foot hike. It was amazing! Colorado has 53 mountains with elevations 14,0000 feet. I think 3 is a pretty obtainable goal!

8. I would like to venture to 3 new mountains to ski this year. Colorado has 23 ski resorts and I’ve only been to a handful of them! Now that I’m a Coloradan, I need to add some notches to my ski poles.

9. Mike will ski 50 times. Last year, he skied 29 days and we only got here in January, plus we gutted a house! This year he’s been 5 times already (4 for me) and our house is complete. Think he can do it!

10. I will be more social with my family and Colorado friends. Being that i work from home, can be a bit of a homebody and am trying to save money, going out often gets put on the back burner. I love entertaining though and there are plenty of inexpensive things to do in Denver, so will plan to do more of all of the above this year!

11. I will run my first 1/2 marathon. Just signed up today for the Colfax marathon…yikes! I can’t wait to start training!

I intend to be be patient this year, kind to all (especially those who seem to be miserable, for they need kindness the most), diligent about my goals and aspirations, supportive to Mike and all he works for, focused on positivity, gratitude and love.

Looking froward to an amazing year!!!!!

Happy 2015

Core, Connect, Nurture

My girlfriend Katie and I have been loving the #mindbodyyogachallenge. It’s funny, Katie and I couldn’t be more different. Here are a few of the biggest differences between her and I:

Katie  @mamasteyoga

Katie has 4 (gorgeous) children, loves to shop, wear makeup, (quintessential girl in that respect). She has lived with horrible back pain for most of her adult life, and since she started her yoga journey (over 7 months ago) it has subsided. In her younger days, she would tell you she was never an athlete, never worked out. She’s always been very tiny though, but an ‘unhealthy’ tiny. Yoga has dramatically changed her body and drastically reduced the amount of pain she lives with.

Catie (me) @clawrencester
Catie (me)

Now, onto me. If you’ve read The Kids section of my blog, you know I don’t have or want children.  I’ve never been a shopper, in fact really don’t enjoy it at all & love to save money. In the past year, I’ve probably worn makeup a handful of times, and would consider myself a tomboy at heart. I grew up playing sports, skiing, playing volleyball, swimming, I have been working out for years and doing yoga for about 7. Just in the past year or so, I’ve gotten into practicing more and more. Thanks to participating in Yoga Challenges, I know practice daily and have completely adopted the yoga lifestyle.

And that’s how we connected. So, Day 7, 8 & 9 speak directly to our new found friendship.

Day 7: Core
Affirmation: I am strong at my Core.

What’s a strong Core? If you know who you are, if you are always true to yourself, if you listen to your gut, your will have a strong core. In yoga, building core strength happens almost immediately – you engage your core in almost all poses. The strength in most poses come from your core.



Day 8: Connect
Affirmation: I am connected to my true self and connect to others with love.

I wanted today to be about true connection. The way we connect with others, ourselves, those we love. Sometimes I feel true connection happens only when you have a true connection to yourself. That can be super tough. To be honest with yourself, to be in touch with yourself, to ground down. Mike and I have been in Colorado for almost a year to the day and I already feel so connected to this place. Find your joy, your happy, what makes you come alive. Find that and pursue it vigorously.

My Body is a Temple
My Body is a Temple


Day 9: Nurture
Affirmation: My body is brilliant & I worship it like a temple.

Most people workout to change their body. Not strictly of course, but that is often at the forefront of someone starting a routine. Yoga truly nurtures your mind, body and spirit. Once you’ve decided to make a positive change to incorporate exercise, the Pandora’s box of health opens up. Taking care of your body with physical activity, good nutritious food, and positive thoughts, truly can change everything. It’s never to late to start either. Make that commitment to yourself to be healthier. Why not try Yoga!?


Happy Healthy Living!



Off the Mat & Into the world

Have you ever heard of the yoga high? It’s that euphoric feeling you get after a beautiful practice. Pure relaxation. Pure release. Pure bliss.

The Day 6 of the #mindbodyyogachallenge brought that concept out and about, into your everyday life (or at least that was the concept). If the focus and calm you feel on the mat can be carried into your everyday life, wouldn’t that be fabulous!?

North Table Mountain Tree Pose
North Table Mountain Tree Pose

The concept was introduced by Cam & Sarah, two people who are truly living the off the mat lifestyle, literally! They’re creating a book that captures yogis around the world, asking them what yoga means to them. It’s a pretty rad idea, and they’re pretty rad, so borrowed their mission for the Day 6 challenge.

North Table Mountain Crow Pose
North Table Mountain Crow Pose

Mike and I ended up heading to North Table Mountain this morning to hike with our furry babies. There’s something about being in nature, the cold air, beautiful scenery, the quiet the peace it affords. With this off the mat theme, we climbed the switch backs, up the beautiful mountain, stopping along the way to pose amongst the rocks. It was a glorious way to start the day, to start any day, really. With that peace, that elevated feeling you get from being amongst the beauty of this landscape.

Off the Mat & Into the World
Off the Mat & Into the World

I try my damnedest to have this feeling more often than not. Try to carry it with me wherever I go, whatever I do. Off the mat…and into the world!


Happy Off the Mat-ing!